Teamfight tactics patch 11.10 official notes brings massive trait and champion updates to new set Reckoning

Teamfight ways patch 11.10 official notes brings large trait and champion updates to new set Reckoning

Patch 11.10 would be the first time Teamfight Techniques’ new set Reckoning receives a full-fledged model replace.

And for its very first patch, Reckoning shall be receiving a variety of main adjustments to each champions in addition to traits.

The Abomination trait shall be getting some buffs together with the Dragonslayer, and champions like Katarina and Lee Sin are additionally set to obtain some much-needed love.

Nonetheless, LeBlanc and Morgana are getting nerfed, and they won’t be as oppressive on the board as they was once.

Teamfight Techniques gamers on the lookout for an in depth description of the patch can lookup Riot’s official web site.

However for a short overview, listed here are all the foremost highlights.

Teamfight ways patch 11.10 official notes


  • Abomination Monstrosity base well being: 1000/1300/1600 to 1000/1400/1800
  • Abomination Monstrosity bonus well being per star stage: 100/130/160 to 100/140/180
  • Abomination Monstrosity base assault injury: 100/130/160 to 100/150/200
  • Abomination Monstrosity bonus assault injury per star stage: 10/13/16 to 10/15/20
  • Cavalier injury discount: 15/25/35 % to fifteen/30/45 %
  • Dragonslayer trait Dragonslayer champion skill energy: 30/70 to 30/80
  • Dragonslayer trait non-Dragonslayer skill energy: 20/50 to twenty/60
  • Forgotten assault injury and skill energy: 30/80/140 to 30/80/160
  • Knight injury discount: 15/40/75 to fifteen/40/90
  • Mystic magic resist: 40/100/180 to 40/100/200
  • Verdant crowd management immunity length: 4/6 to five/8 seconds


One-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
Picture by way of Riot Video games
  • Aatrox Deathbringer Strike assault injury: 220/240/280 % to 260/280/360 %
  • Leona assault injury: 50 to 80
  • Leona Photo voltaic Barrier injury discount: 40/80/400 to 30/60/400
  • Vayne assault injury: 25 to 30
  • Udyr Feral Intuition (Tiger stance) assault injury: 110/120/160 % to 130/140/200 %
  • Warwick Infinite Duress injury: 200/300/400 to 200/300/450

Two-cost champions

Image via Riot Games Image via Riot Games
Picture by way of Riot Video games
  • Model Sear injury: 700/900/1400 to 600/900/1500
  • Hecarim beginning mana: 0/90 to 40/90
  • LeBlanc Ethereal Chain stun length: 1.5/2/3 to 1.5/2/2.5 seconds
  • Allies will now not chase targets that Syndra is tossing
  • Trundle assault pace: 0.7 to 0.8
  • Trundle mana: 0/70 to 0/60
  • Viktor Siphon Energy injury: 300/500/750 to 300/500/850
  • Viktor Siphon Energy defend: 150/250/375 to 150/250/425

Three-cost champions

Image via Riot Games Image via Riot Games
Picture by way of Riot Video games
  • Katarina well being: 650 to 700
  • Katarina Sinister Blade preliminary injury: 200/250/400 to 200/250/450
  • Katarina Sinister Blade secondary injury: 100/125/200 to 100/125/225
  • Lee Sin well being: 800 to 850
  • Lee Sin Cripple injury: 200/300/650 to 250/350/900
  • Lulu Whimsy targets: 3/4/5 to three/4/6
  • Lux will now not fail to solid her spell if her goal ally was too far-off
  • Pantheon Aegis Assault assault injury scaling: 350/400/500 % to 400/450/650 %
  • Morgana Soul Shackles radius: Three to 2 Hexes
  • Morgana Soul Shackles secondary injury: 200/300/550 to 250/300/550
  • Nidalee max mana buff: 0/75 to 0/60
  • Nidalee bonus injury on subsequent assault after dodging/critting: 100/150/300 to 100/150/375
  • Nocturne bug repair: Nocturne’s spinning slash now appropriately heals him primarily based on how a lot injury he offers reasonably than a pre-calculated quantity primarily based on his stats (he ought to now heal much more when itemized and hitting a number of enemies)
  • Nunu max mana buff: 0/85 to 0/70
  • Riven well being: 800 to 850
  • Riven Blade of the Daybreak solid time: 0.5 to 0.3 seconds
  • Riven Blade of the Daybreak bonus assault injury: 80/90/one hundred pc to 90/100/130 %
  • Yasuo Burning Blade strike injury: 300/400/600 to 300/400/750
  • Yasuo Burning Blade stacking on-hit true injury: 30/40/60 to 30/40/75
  • Zyra Greedy Roots injury: 250/350/600 to 250/350/700

4-cost champions

Image via Riot Games Image via Riot Games
Picture by way of Riot Video games
  • Aphelios bugfix: Spell can now critically strike
  • Aphelios Darkish Vigil assault injury: 160/180/220 % to 140/150/180 %
  • Aphelios Darkish Vigil base injury: 150/200/400 to100/150/300
  • Ivern skill energy granted to Daisy on recasts is now a flat quantity of skill energy reasonably than a share
  • Ivern Daisy! skill energy bonus: 50/75/300 % to 100/150/300 %
  • Ivern’s Daisy injury: 200/250/1000 to 250/350/1200
  • Rell Entice and Repel stun length: 2/2.5/8 to 1.5/2/8 seconds

5-cost champions

Image via Riot Games Image via Riot Games
Picture by way of Riot Video games
  • Heimerdinger max mana nerf: 0/120 to 0/140
  • Heimerdinger Turret assault injury: 150 to 125
  • Kindred, Wolf’s injury: 300/550/9999 to 300/400/9999
  • Kindred, Wolf’s therapeutic: 150/275/9999 to 150/200/9999
  • Teemo’s Cruelty Infernal souls thrown: 4/6/42 to five/6/42


  • Chalice of Energy bonus skill energy: 30 to 25
  • Chalice of Malice bonus skill energy: 45 to 40
  • Darkish Shroud of Stillness now not impacts the wearer
  • Dragon’s Claw magic resist: 200 to 250
  • Eclipse Cape self burn per second: 4 % to 2.5 % of max well being
  • Evil Large Slayer renamed to Spectral Large Slayer
  • Spectral Large Slayer injury penalty beneath threshold: -15 % to 0 %
  • Frozen Darkish Coronary heart assault pace sluggish debuff: 50 % to 35 %
  • Frozen Coronary heart assault pace sluggish debuff: 35 % to 25 %
  • Guardian Fallen Angel revive well being: 80 % to 70 % of max well being
  • Ionic Darkish Spark ally injury: one hundred pc to 50 % of max Mana
  • Ionic Darkish Spark skill energy per Solid: 5 to 10
  • Locket of the Silver Lunari bonus resistances: 60 to 70
  • Sacrificial Gauntlet reworked impact: The holder positive factors 40 % vital strike injury, and magic and true injury from their skill can critically strike. The primary time the holder casts their skill every fight, they acquire a further 20 % vital strike probability for the rest of fight (this bonus can be utilized to the primary skill solid). Every time the holder casts their skill, they deal 15 % of their most well being to themselves as true injury
  • Sacrificial Redemption heal: 20 % to 25 % of lacking well being
  • Sacrificial Redemption self injury: 10 % to 5 % of present well being
  • Spectral Spear of Shojin injury penalty: -20 % to -15 %
  • Titan’s Resolve assault injury and skill energy per Stack: Two to 3
  • Unstable Zz’Rot Portal that come up from summoned items are 50 % efficient
  • Warmog’s Sacrificial armor well being Loss Per Second: 100 to 60
  • Zeke’s Bleak Herald ally AS discount: 25 % to twenty %
  • Zz’Rot Portal Voidspawns that come up from summoned items are 25 % efficient


  • Spell Crits from Jeweled Gauntlet and Murderer will proceed to work even when the caster dies
  • Dawnbringers will now correctly die to giant cases of harm even when their therapeutic impact has but to set off
  • Lux will now not fail to solid her spell if her goal ally was too far-off
  • Allies will now not chase targets that Syndra is tossing
  • Revenant “revive out there” visuals at the moment are correctly eliminated as soon as the revive impact has been triggered
  • Rell’s spell now appropriately triggers Lure Claw
  • The Monstrosity now not positive factors 100 bonus well being in any respect trait ranges
  • Heimerdinger turret now fires appropriately in ghost armies
  • Models will now extra responsively acknowledge that Wolf has moved when he leaps to Lamb to heal her, reasonably than ready for his second leap to acknowledge his new place
  • Workers Drop increase has higher sync between employees influence and injury numbers
  • Fastened a bug the place stacking a number of Ionic Darkish Sparks solely granted the AP from one Ionic Darkish Spark
  • Verdant now not blocks the injury from Thresh’s skill
  • Viego will now not try to solid on his goal if his goal goes untargetable as he reaches full mana (e.g., GA or Revenant)

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