Resident Evil Village Mask Locations – All 4 Masks for the Hall of Four Puzzle

Resident Evil Village Masks Areas – All 4 Masks for the Corridor of 4 Puzzle

With Resident Evil Village launching amid a lot fanfare, gamers need to scrape each piece of content material from Capcom’s newest and biggest. That includes a spread of collectibles and aspect targets, Resident Evil Village’s Masks are a component that has been eluding gamers since launch. This is the situation for all 4 masks in Resident Evil Village which might be required to resolve the Corridor of the 4 puzzle.

Warning: Occasion spoilers for Resident Evil Village forward.

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All 4 Resident Evil Village Masks Areas

To finish the Corridor of 4 puzzle, gamers should gather and place 4 masks on the faceless statues to flee Fort Dimitrescu.

The Masks of Sorrow

To get the Masks of Sorrow, gamers should first gather the Maroon Eye and a Courtyard Key

Get the Maroon Eye

  • The Maroon Eye Ring might be collected after the scripted occasion the place Girl Dimitrescu’s daughter chases Ethan.
  • The merchandise might be acquired whereas escaping by way of a tunnel and should be interacted with to amass. Putting this within the door to the Dressing Room space

Get the Courtyard Key

  • After combating one in every of Girl Dimitrescu’s daughters within the chilly room, gamers should decide up the Sanguis Virginis wine within the Kitchen.
  • Putting the wine on a pedestal on the Wine Room, gamers can then open the chest to get the Courtyard Key.

Masks of Sorrow location

  • Enter the Courtyard by heading by way of the Primary Corridor (1F) to the Eating Room. Use your Courtyard key to open the door reverse you in your proper.
  • Head straight forward and enter the silver door within the nook of the Courtyard in your proper.
  • Enter the Corridor of Ablution and full the statue puzzle: The wealthy and poor girl must be dealing with one another, the three males dealing with the person on a horse, and the person on the horse dealing with the aspect of the poor girl.
  • Head by way of the wine-soaked basement and take the elevator to the balcony. Save within the room to your left earlier than crossing the bridge, because it breaks.
  • Take Dimitrescu’s Key hanging on the candelabra on the wall to your left as you come into Dimitrescu’s chambers.
  • Return to your severed hand to flee Girl D within the basement encounter and you will come throughout the Masks of Sorrow.

Masks of Pleasure location

  • Gamers should use the Iron Insignia Key to entry the Library after finishing the piano puzzle.
  • Defeat the daughter there and gather the masks from the statue on the finish of the Corridor of Pleasure.

Masks of Rage location

  • After finishing the bell puzzle gamers should go to the Attic and stroll out onto the balcony
  • Transferring as much as the slanted roof, gamers should go up the steps to reach on the Belfry.
  • Taking the zipline to the Tower of Rage will grant gamers the fourth masks.

To finish the Resident Evil Village’s Corridor of 4 puzzle, gamers should place them within the following order.

  • Place the Masks of Sorrow on the left-most statue
  • Place the Masks of Pleasure on the centre-left statue
  • Place the Masks of Pleasure on the centre-right statue
  • Place the Masks of Rage on the right-most statue

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