5 most preferred Genshin Impact characters for Spiral Abyss floor 12

5 most most popular Genshin Affect characters for Spiral Abyss ground 12

The next information is derived from a latest Genshin Affect survey as proven on this article. In that article, there’s a desk that transcribes all the characters listed by look price, owned price, and utilization price. This text will primarily deal with the highest 5 items as sorted by their utilization price. This a part of the article shall be goal, because it’s taken instantly from the survey.

The extra subjective a part of the article will come within the type of why sure characters are helpful. After all, it is very important keep in mind that it is an evaluation of information from a survey, so that does not essentially imply that these 5 items are the 5 goal finest decisions.

5 most most popular Genshin Affect characters for Spiral Abyss ground 12

#5 – Xingqiu (76.81%)

Xingiu is a great defensive support option (Image via Steparu (YouTube))
Xingiu is a superb defensive help choice (Picture through Steparu (YouTube))

Xingqiu is a robust help choice in Genshin Affect that excels as one of many premier choices for each F2P and P2W gamers alike. Supplemental Hydro harm is sweet, particularly at the side of the quite a few highly effective Pyro choices a participant can have at their disposal (like Diluc).

What actually helps Xingiu stand out as a top-tier help choice is that he can cut back incoming harm and heal the staff as a single occasion member. Combining this along with his higher harm potential makes him extra helpful than different Genshin Affect healers like Barbara, who merely lack the sheer versatility Xingqiu has.

As he’s a help unit in Genshin Affect, Xingqiu can are available, do his stuff, after which swap out, leaving the heavy work to different occasion members.

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#4 – Hu Tao (79.34%)

Hu Tao is a beast, offensively speaking (Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)) Hu Tao is a beast, offensively speaking (Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube))
Hu Tao is a beast, offensively talking (Picture through Genshin Affect (YouTube))

Hu Tao could make quick work of the extra beefy enemies present in Flooring 12 due to her top-tier offensive potential. If a participant is cautious together with her HP, then they will simply wipe the ground with the hordes of enemies present in Flooring 12.

The earlier entry, Xingqiu, can cut back harm and heal the staff along with his abilities, in addition to present a helpful Elemental Response Response in Vaporize. The 2 work terrifically in tandem collectively, and that is not even mentioning how the following character also can work splendidly with Hu Tao.

After all, it is usually value mentioning that Hu Tao’s solo DPS capabilities are merely superb on her personal.

#3 – Bennett (80.44%)

Bennett is the premier support for most of Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Geek (YouTube)) Bennett is the premier support for most of Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Geek (YouTube))
Bennett is the premier help for many of Genshin Affect (Picture through Genshin Geek (YouTube))

Bennett is the extra offensive help choice when in comparison with Xingqiu. Unsurprisingly, which means that he’s barely extra viable provided that gamers wish to beat the Spiral Abyss as quick as doable. After all, Bennett additionally has some defensive utility that makes him value it as a solo help choice in Genshin Affect.

Position compression is a helpful factor to have in Genshin Affect. As Bennett’s assault enhance is predicated on his assault stat, some gamers might construct him offensively simply to hurry by means of Flooring 12 as quick as doable.

Likewise, less-skilled gamers can do a mixture of assault and HP, because the latter ability is instrumental in bolstering his therapeutic capabilities.

#2 – Ganyu (87.24%)

Ganyu Ganyu
Ganyu’s AOE abilities are superb (Picture through Genshin Affect (YouTube))

Not solely is she top-of-the-line characters for coping with massive bosses, however she will be able to wipe the ground with any random mook that dares oppose her in Genshin Affect. The explanation bosses and mobs are torn aside effortlessly by Ganyu is due to her superb CRIT potential, alongside her top-tier AOE abilities.

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Typically, the participant can really feel swarmed within the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Affect. Contemplating Ganyu can simply take care of these enemies (particularly when mixed with Hydro help), it is no shock that Genshin Affect gamers use her the second most frequently for Flooring 12 within the Spiral Abyss.

A well-built Ganyu is usually a bit overpowered for the Spiral Abyss, particularly since Flooring 12 would not have many Cryo enemies to spoil her day.

#1 – Zhongli (97.25%)

Zhongli can do anything a player wants him to do (Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)) Zhongli can do anything a player wants him to do (Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube))
Zhongli can do something a participant desires him to do (Picture through Genshin Affect (YouTube))

Zhongli excels in each a part of the sport, so it should not be shocking that his utilization price could be the best in Flooring 12 of the Spiral Abyss. Keep in mind, the utilization price within the survey needed to do with gamers who had Zhongli. A 97.25% utilization price does not imply that Zhongli is utilized in almost each Flooring 12 try, simply that he is almost utilized in each Flooring 12 try by individuals who personal him.

Zhongli merely excels in Flooring 12 of the Spiral Abyss since his massive AOE Geo harm is so helpful. Add in the truth that Zhongli has a robust defend and might drain enemy defenses, then it needs to be readily obvious why so many gamers love him.

Zhongli can take care of each single enemy discovered on Flooring 12 in Genshin Affect, largely due to the truth that he makes use of the Geo ingredient. Emphasis on the phrase “can”, as Zhongli can simply use his Elemental Talent and Elemental Burst, after which swap to a stronger DPS choice if the participant has one.

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Notice: This text displays the author’s private views.

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